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The introduction of SPURI PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
1.Principle of operation

Although the SPURI is not a so called fuel additive it has to be poured into the fuel tank.
It cleans the whole fuel supply system starting from the fuel tank.
Very important that it cleans the petrol engine’s injection valves, and also the diesel engine’s injection valves and the diesel distributor pump.   
It makes the soot deposits disappear from the combustion chambers of the engine.
It cleans the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensors moreover it regenerates the converter from the harmful deposits and it supports the afterburning process.
It has a wear prevention effect by which the substance continuously lubricates the moving parts of the engine.
It removes the condensed water from the whole fuel supply system.
In the basic operation method of the SPURI substance, after the thorough cleaning process, it becomes possible to gain minimum 10% more energy and performance from a unit quantity of the fuel.  
The effect of SPURI can be felt even if the added quantity ratio is as small as 2 thousandth.
The use of SPURI significantly helps to protect our environment.

2.Why is it recommended to use the SPURI in case of a new vehicle?

The greatest wear on all those surfaces within the engine, which make direct contact with the fuel, builds up during the first 20 to 50 thousand kilometer mileage.
The SPURI should be used right from the first refuelling because the quality of the fuel is a very important factor in the engine’s lifetime.
The SPURI significantly improves 9 parameters of the fuel therefore it equalizes the quality difference between the different brands of fuels.
It increases the octane number of the petrol and also it increases the cetane number of the diesel oil.
It decreases the emission level of harmful components of the exhaust gases and also it makes the condensed water disappear from the exhaust system.
With the use of the SPURI one will experience easier cold start, more even engine run and greater torque (especially on low and on high revolutions).
The engine’s inclination to warming up will decrease because the engine will generate more kinetic energy instead of heat (increasing effectiveness).  
The SPURI is recommended to be used in diesel engines especially because of its preventive effect to the diesel oil’s solidification process in cold temperatures.

3.What kind of engine should we use the SPURI with?

It has a positive effect in all kinds of internal combustion engines. This is true in the cases of the conventional diesel engines (with diesel distributor pump), the modern diesel engines (common rail, PD-TDI) and the petrol engines as well.
The SPURI has also been used in engines equipped with LPG kit for years however if You would like to use it with an LPG fuelled engine please call our customer service phonenumber!
The SPURI has proven its positive effects in case of two stroke engines too. With this type of engine it will also be true that the effectiveness will increase and the emission level of harmful substances will decrease.
Because of its wear prevention effect it will play the role of the lead in unleaded petrol fuels, and also it will decrease the petrol’s inclination to knocking. The SPURI will improve the newly developed fuels’ dry character from which fuels most of the Kalium content is removed.   
We use the SPURI because of its advantages in the following applications :
1.lawn mowers
4.agricultural machines
5.chainsaw machines
6.diesel powered water pumps

4.Technical parameters

The SPURI contains a lubrication material for the upper parts of the engine for all parts which make direct contact with the fuel and also it has a wear prevention effect.
It increases the amount of energy gained from a unit quantity of the fuel.
It has an oxigen enrichment effect which is very beneficial for the combustion process.
Because of its catalytic effect the propellant will burn up in the combustion chamber much more intensely and effectively in a protective way for the environment.
It also has a preventive effect for the foam buildup in the fuel which makes the operation of the engine more precise.
The detonation in the combustion chamber will be stronger but its peak temperature will be 60° less than generally which means a greater care to the engine.
It protects the catalytic converter and its control electronics and also keeps it clean. The older converters will be regenerated with the use of SPURI during 6 to 8 refuelling.
The SPURI is able to release the stuck compression rings and to regenerate and clean the injector heads.
The SPURI substance uses the silicium dust which entered the engine through the air cleaner element to harden the inner surfaces in a way of refining the material of the available surfaces.
The SPURI substance cleans the inlet and exhaust valves and also helps to remove the soot deposits from the combustion chamber so the opening / closing process of the valves will be more accurate.

The SPURI is produced and exclusively distributed by

SZAKI Kft., H-5310 Kisújszállás, 1/a. Kórház u.

Tel./Fax.: +36 59 321-436
Technical information : +36 20 942-0643
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A SPURI üzemanyagadalék mindkét fajtája bármilyen típusú és üzemű belső égésű motorhoz ajánlott folyamatosan, minden tankolásnál!



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